DIY Electronics Construction Kit from Duplo

The goal ist to create a set of instructions and guidelines on how to make an electronics construction and demonstartion kit.


  • easy to make → no tools
  • cheap → Even if a single set is moderately priced a whole classrom can still be unaffordable
  • easy to acqire → No special Parts.

Project Progress

I made a demo mock to prove that what I thought upis possible

I used:

  • a gluestick
  • aluminium foil
  • some electronic components (LED, Resistor)
  • duplo bricks.

The Arduino in the Picture simply provides the Power. I found out that for simple home use aluminium foil and glue is sufficient. The legs of the electronic Parts might scratch the foil but witch careful handling it works well.

Next up: GPN14 Workshop to make and document our first sets.


Bricks. Note nessesarely duplo. Anything similar should work Base Plate. We need something to hold the bricks together.

Aluminium Foil. The thicker the better. I found some foil tape in my local Hardwarestore I will try out. The tricky bit is that most Alu-Tape is Plastic tape with Aluminium either on the outsite or the inside. This one is all Aluminium.

electronic components:

  • LEDs
  • Resistors
  • Buttons


  • Shopping list
  • Gather Circuit instructions
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